Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I paint my Suite?
A - Yes. We encourage you to personalize your Suite and truly make the Suite your own.

Q - What is included in my Suite Rental? Are there extra fees?
A - Your rent includes all utilities except telephone. Electricty, water, heating and air conditioning, and wireless internet access are all included. Over half of our tenants run their business from their cell phone, if you want a land line you would order it and pay for it yourself. All Suites are pre-wired for telephone, so there woud be no inside wiring charges from the phone company.The laundry facilities are available for your professional use at no additional charge. We don't like to be nickel and dimed, and we won't do it to our customers. There are no extra fees.

Q - What modifications can I make to my Suite?
A - Anything within reason! Most salon owners have painted their rooms, some have installed custom cabinetry, whatever you want to do to make the space reflect your good taste and working style.

Q - Can I reserve a Suite to start at a later date?
A - Yes. As long as we have availability you can reserve a Suite up to two months in advance. To make a reservation we need a completed application and a security deposit.


Before making any modifications to a Suite, a request must be submitted. There are certain conditions that much be discussed and a suitable schedule must be worked out for performing the work.