Getting started is easy!

1. Is Salon Suites the Right Choice for You?

Suites type salons have a lot in common. We have these basics covered: 24/7 access, low startup costs, basic equipment, be your own boss. Here are just a few things we think set us apart:

  • Our suites are fully enclosed, our parking is plentiful, and our Wi-Fi, washers and dryers are always FREE.
  • Each suite has it's own thermostat to control the temperature in your suite.
  • We offer medical/maternity leave, free rent with every lease renewal and cash for referrals.
  • The owners are on site virtually every day, and not just for a stop by. Every tenant has our cell numbers and we pride ourselves on being responsive.

2. Once You’ve Made the Choice

Complete the short application, pay your first week’s rent, and sign your lease. From there we will do whatever we can to help you make the move to Salon Suites - whether it’s painting your suite to your desired color, providing the necessary licensing forms for your situation or introducing you to your new neighbors. We understand change is not always easy, but you won’t be alone. Whatever the need, we will be there to help.

3. It’s That Easy!

Your walls have been painted, your furniture and equipment are in place. It’s time for you to move in, add your personal flare and get to work. It’s that easy!

See some of the great spaces we helped our clients create Photo Gallery